Phelang Bonolo Healthcare group

Established in 2006, Phelang Bonolo Healthcare currently operates within South Africa and is founded by Dr Mabitje Jackson (Jacky) Rampedi, who is a respected family doctor in his community of Soshanguve, Pretoria North.

With more than 20 years ‘on the ground’ experience, Dr. Rampedi had a vision of establishing a 100 percent black-owned private healthcare group to address the needs and deficiencies that exist in the current healthcare industry.

Through exceptional perseverance in a difficult and closed environment of traditional private hospital groups (all of which were founded prior to 1994), Dr. Rampedi has persevered him and his team who have brought his vision to reality by having an established independent private hospital group.

Years of Experience

With more than 25 years ‘on the ground’ experience, Dr. Rampedi had a vision of establishing a black-owned and operated private healthcare group to address the needs and deficiencies that exist in the current healthcare industry and make quality healthcare accessible for all.

Through continuous perseverance in a restricted environment of traditional dominant private hospital groups, Dr. Rampedi and his team have brought PBH Group’s vision to reality.

The Phelang Bonolo Healthcare Group aims to expand its footprint across South Africa with various new developments in its pipeline.

Our Mission

Our mission is to become the fourth largest private hospital group in South Africa and to make world-class healthcare a reality for all.

Our Vision

At Phelang Bonolo Healthcare, our vision is to bring accessible, affordable, world-class healthcare to the people of South Africa, with a focus on the formally disadvantaged communities of our nation.

Our Values



We believe that the most important aspect of excellent health service is a caring attitude.  This is engrained within our culture and is evident in all our activities.  Not only do we strive to look after our patients’ well-being, but also those of their families. We also care deeply about our community and we strive to make a difference.



We partner with and employ people who are passionate about the dignity of life and providing the best healthcare for our patients and our country.  The results of this pursuit of excellence are seen in the quality of our facilities, our performance, the expertise of our staff and the services we render.



At the core of our organisation is people, they remain our most important focus.  Our patients are our core focus. However, staff who provide the caring facilities to our patients are equally important.   We strive to support our staff through continuous growth and improvement in their careers.  Our people-centric value system also extends to our community where we are always striving to improve their quality of life.



We endeavour to maintain a high standard of integrity in our delivery of healthcare services to the community.  Integrity within the Phelang Bonolo Healthcare Group is of paramount importance. We comply with the required legislation and codes governing the healthcare industry and continuously strive to improve our corporate governance structures.  We maintain an open door policy and welcome and encourage feedback from patients and staff.

Management Team

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