Welcome to our pre-admission department, where all your documentation and requests will be dealt with in advance. This ensures that your actual admission on the day is as pleasant and speedy as possible.

It is your responsibility as the patient to obtain a pre-authorisation number from your medical aid prior to admission, although staff in the pre-admission department or your doctor’s receptionist will assist where possible.

They will also notify you of any co-payments and deductibles which will be for your account and payable on admission. (Private paying patients will be required to pay the estimated amount on/before admission).

Please bring your medical aid card, ID or birth certificate. If you are a dependent, please bring the main member’s ID and the medical aid card. In a case where a child is a minor and the main member is not available, the signatory must also provide proof of identification.

Paediatric Unit
As a general rule no children under the age of 12 may visit.
ICU & High Care Unit
Visiting patients in ICU is strictly during visiting hours only and restricted to 2 visitors at a time for short periods. Children under 12 are not allowed to visit in the unit.
Dads may visit at any time between 08h00 and 20h00. Grandparents and baby’s siblings visiting times are between 15h00 and 16h00.
Lost & Found
Lost and Found is available at the security department.
  • Your Doctor will notify the Hospital of your surgery/procedure and date by completing an Admission Request Form and Consent for Treatment Form.
  • Your Doctor will explain your surgery/procedure, answer any questions and will ask you to sign and date the Consent for Treatment Form.
  • If you have not signed the Consent for Treatment Form or do not understand your surgery/procedure please contact your Doctor and/or the Hospital as soon as possible
  • If you have any concerns, please telephone 011 798 7000 between 6am to 10:30pm for assistance. You may also email via
  • Personal/Next of Kin details
  • Medical Aid Card
  • Procedure codes, if these were provided to you by your Doctor
  • Do NOT drive a car or operate machinery for 24 hours after an anaesthetic.
  • Do NOT eat or drink (this includes water) AFTER MIDNIGHT or AFTER 6AM for afternoon surgery unless your Doctor gives you other instructions.
  • Do NOT wear excessive jewellery (wedding ring permitted).
  • Do NOT bring any valuables like jewellery or large amounts of money to the Hospital.
  • You will be provided with a gown to wear for your procedure.
  • Phelang Bonolo and Botshilu Private Hospital DO NOT accept liability for any personal property brought into the Hospital.
  • Pyjamas / Nightgown dressing gown and slippers
  • Toiletries
  • Reading material
  • ID Book or card
  • Medical Aid card
  • Any letter(s), current x-rays, ultrasounds, CT scans, MRIs or test results from your doctor relating to your procedure.
  • Your Medical Aid Card
  • A list of all your current medications or your medications in their original boxes.
  • If you are diabetic, bring your insulin/tablets with you and DO NOT take your diabetic medication on the morning of your surgery unless you are told differently by your Doctor.
  • Please ensure your diabetic syringes and needles are in a rigid container with a lid.
  • If you do not have a suitable container, please notify a nurse who will provide you with one.
  • All your puffers for asthma.
  • Please consult your doctor if you are taking regular medications to find out what you need to stop or take prior to surgery.
    Be prepared to spend most of the day in the hospital so bring a book, magazines, crossword, etc. to pass the time.

Visiting Hours

11:00 – 12:00
15:00 – 16:00
19:00 – 20:00

Day Surgery

We understand that for many of our patients, this is the first time having a procedure in day surgery. We hope to provide you with a clear explanation of what to expect from your visit to the Day Surgery Unit at Botshilu Private Hospital.

The nurse may ask you to get changed into a gown and place you in a bed or the lounge. Your belongings will be put under your bed so please try and bring small bags with you. You will return to the same bed after your operation. We recommend that you leave your valuables at home or with your support person or visitors.

If you are taking any medication please bring them with you in their original packaging. Please note that nurses will admit patients according to the order of your Doctor’s operating list. Even though operating lists are carefully planned, emergencies can occur and the order of the list is sometimes changed.

We appreciate and encourage your involvement in your child’s care. As parents you know your child better than anyone and your presence is of great value during your child’s stay in hospital. When your child goes to the operating theatre, you may accompany them into the holding bay. When your child wakes up in Recovery Unit, you may be called to sit with them so please ensure that the nursing staff know  where you are and we have your mobile number in case we cannot find you.

There is a playroom available for children. If your child has a favourite toy, we request that you bring it with you, ensuring it is labelled.

We will always offer your child something to eat after they have had their surgery. If your child has allergies please let us know and we will arrange for a special diet. If your child is on a special formula or has their own feeding cup or bottle, we strongly request that you bring it with you as we do not have the facilities to provide you with an alternative.

Your Surgeon decides which time he wants you to come to hospital. The length of time you have to wait before surgery will depend on the length of time the case will take in front of you. This can vary depending on the type of surgery.

This will depend on the type of surgery you are having, but if your surgery takes at least 1 hour, you will also spend 1-2 hours in the Recovery Unit before discharge.

After a period of time in the recovery area, you will stay in the Day Surgery unit between 2-4 hours depending on your procedure and how you feel. When you are feeling well and meet the discharge criteria, you will be escorted by a nurse to the Discharge Lounge to wait for your transport home.

A nurse will contact the escort or pick up person you nominated and will be given instructions about when and where to pick you up.The nurse will give you discharge information and answer any questions you may have. Please ensure you make a follow up appointment with your Doctor. If you need a medical certificate, please contact your Doctor. A nurse will contact your designated transport person to give them a discharge time.

As you are preparing for a surgical procedure, you will not be able to eat anything beforehand. There is no food or drink allowed in Day Surgery. You will be given a light diet and refreshments after your procedure, however if you have any special dietary requirements please let your admission nurse know so they can organise this.

Most people arrive at Day Surgery with a support person. To maintain safety, patient confidentiality, privacy and comfort for our patients, your support person may not be permitted into Day Surgery. Your support person is welcome to sit in the reception area and the nurses will keep them informed of your progress. If your support person prefers to leave the hospital while you are having your operation, please remind them that they need to check with the nurse before leaving the hospital to ensure we have their contact details should we need to contact them for further information about you.

Depending on how you feel when you leave, our Client Liaison Officer may call you the next day to make sure that you are feeling well. However, please feel free to call us if you have any concerns about your operation/procedure at

Your Stay

For your comfort and convenience Botshilu Private Hospital offers a variety of services for your comfort.

The Hospital offers a high standard of accommodation with both single and shared rooms available, all with ensuite bathrooms. Each room has a remote control entertainment system with television, movies and radio access, as well as a direct dial telephone line to and from your room for personal calls. Every effort is made to accommodate you in the room of your choice

We are committed to providing flexible and family friendly care to all our patients. We recognise that any period of hospitalisation can be stressful for all concerned and our aim is to provide a safe yet family oriented environment. We encourage parents to bring with them their child’s favourite toys or bedding to help alleviate any anxiety they may be feeling.

Should you require anything at any time, please do not hesitate to call the nursing staff via the button located on the bedside handset. Our staff will endeavour to answer your call as quickly a possible.

By each bedside you will find a Patient Booklet. This booklet will assist you in learning about the Hospital’s services and staff. Please take time to read this folder as it includes helpful advise about your stay and provides answers to many of your questions. A pen and pad is provided in your room on request and we encourage you to note any queries you may have that you wish to raise with your Doctor or nurse during your hospital stay.

As a patient, you will receive fresh, nutritious meals prepared daily by our on-site chefs. Each morning you will receive a menu from which you may select meals according to your taste and dietary requirements. Consultant dieticians are also available to provide assistance with special dietary requirements. If you have any concerns with your meals during your stay, please ask your nurse to contact the Catering Manager, who will be happy to meet with you and discuss your requirements further. A special children’s menu is available to cater for the needs of our young patients.

Located in the main foyer, the Botshilu Café offers a range of hot and cold beverages, meals, sandwiches, cakes and salads. Opening hours are between 7:30am and 6:30pm Monday to Friday and 8:00am to 3:00pm on Saturday and Sunday.

The pharmacy is located in the foyer of the Hospital and has a range of toiletries, gifts and cards as well as medication.

Newspapers and Magazines can be purchased from the Botshilu Cafe in the hospital’s main foyer area. Please check with the nursing staff should you require this service if you aren’t capable of going to purchase your own.

The hospital does not provide a personal laundry service. Please make your own arrangements with the help of family or friends. If this is not possible, please ask your nurse about alternatives.

For your convenience, there is an ATM located on the premises.

The florist is located in the Botshilu Cafe.

Botshilu Private Hospital does not allow smoking inside the building or at the front entrance. All patients and visitors must kindly request the sister in charge where the designated smoking areas are.

You have no access to you medical record unless otherwise stated by your doctor.

For your own safety we recommended that you bring only essential equipment with you into Hospital (eg cell phone). Under no circumstances should you use electrical equipment in the bathroom.

Discharge Procedure

Discharge is on or before 12:00pm Daily

At the time of discharge please ensure that you collect any x-rays, medication or valuables you have secured with the Hospital’s reception area.

Your opinion of your stay is valuable to us. Please take the time to provide us with your feedback, so we can recognise our staff who have provided excellent courteous, competent and compassionate care, improve our care and exceed the expectations of all our patients. If you would like to discuss or suggest anything then please contact your Nursing Unit Manager or the executive team.