Phelang Bonolo Healthcare group

To be one of the leading South African Healthcare companies, with a core focus on Hospital operations.

Our vision as PBH Group, is to accelerate to 1,000 beds over the next 5 years,  to be a meaningful player in private healthcare and to the envisaged National Health Insurance.

PBH Group aims to expand its hospital footprint geographically to all the major provinces as well as to expand hospital disciplines to include day, stepdown and mental health and wellness facilities.

PBH Group aims to diversify into complimentary and associated healthcare services to its primary and secondary network, including medical equipment and pharmaceutical supplies.

Our Company


We are a black owned and managed private healthcare company, focusing on the establishment and management of healthcare facilities in South Africa.


Our professional and experienced management team are driven to make our vision a reality.


Our vision, mission, and values drive us to accessible, equitable, affordable, quality healthcare for all. We embrace the principles of universal healthcare in the form of National Healthcare Insurance (NHI).


We have a proven track record with the successful development and operating of our flagship hospital, Botshilu Private Hospital in Soshanguve.


PBH Group has an exciting pipeline of hospital projects to expand its hospital footprint, geographically and by discipline, to reach 1,000 beds


PBH Group is a growing company and a preferred operational partner in the hospital management and healthcare industry.